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Our platform enhances organisational cybersecurity, mirroring the WEF's (WEF_Global_Cybersecurity_Outlook_2024.pdf) call for strategic and technological adaptability amidst global cyber inequities.

Arco Cyber's platform empowers organisations to proactively manage, monitor, and enhance their cybersecurity posture, regardless of size. The platform offers a suite of tools and capabilities that address the critical aspects of cyber resilience, catering to organisations' unique needs and challenges in securing their digital assets. Here's how Arco Cyber enables organisations to understand and improve their cybersecurity posture:

Threat-Led Approach to Cybersecurity

  • Tailored Threat Modeling: Arco Cyber's platform automates the threat modelling process, allowing organisations to understand how they are likely to be targeted based on the experiences of similar entities. This threat-led approach ensures that cybersecurity measures are not just generic but tailored to the organisation's specific risks.
  • Benchmarking and Trending: The platform offers benchmarking features, enabling organisations to compare their cybersecurity posture against peers. This comparison is crucial for understanding where an organisation stands regarding cyber resilience and what steps must be taken to improve. Additionally, trending capabilities allow organisations to track their cybersecurity improvements over time, offering insights into how cybersecurity investments impact their overall resilience.

Automation and Compliance

  • Automated Compliance Tracking: Moving beyond traditional, manual methods of tracking compliance (like Excel), Arco Cyber's platform automates tracking an organisation's performance against international cybersecurity standards. This automation ensures continuous, high-quality data input, saving time and reducing compliance reporting errors.
  • Support for Multiple Frameworks: The platform supports many cybersecurity frameworks, including NCFC CAF, ISO 27001, CIS version eight, and SCF, among others. This wide range of supported frameworks ensures that organisations can adhere to the best practices and standards most relevant to their operations.
  • Gap Analysis and Maturity Modeling: By offering gap analysis and maturity modelling, the platform helps organisations identify areas of weakness and plan for improvements. Tools can be assigned to different controls to understand the effectiveness of deployed cybersecurity measures, further aiding in identifying gaps and planning investments to address them.

Visualisation and Reporting

  • Dynamic Framework Heat Maps: The platform generates dynamic heat maps that visually represent areas requiring attention and investment, making it easier for cybersecurity teams to prioritise their efforts. These visualisations can be shared across the team, enhancing communication and understanding of cybersecurity priorities.
  • Reduced Reporting Time: Arco Cyber significantly reduces the time it takes to produce and share reports within an organisation. This efficiency ensures that key stakeholders are always informed about the organisation's cybersecurity posture, facilitating better decision-making.

Enhanced Communication and Justification for Investment

  • Demonstrating Cybersecurity Efforts: The platform helps improve cybersecurity and demonstrates the efforts put into cybersecurity to stakeholders. By showcasing how investments are changing the organisation's cybersecurity posture and performance against peers, Arco Cyber aids in justifying further investments in cybersecurity.

Arco Cyber's platform equips organisations with the tools and insights to deeply understand their cybersecurity risks and implement targeted, practical measures to enhance their cyber resilience. The platform bridges the gap in cyber resilience through automation, tailored threat modelling, compliance tracking, and effective communication tools, enabling organisations of all sizes to safeguard their digital landscapes more effectively.

Damien Bidmead
Post by Damien Bidmead
Jan 31, 2024 9:39:01 AM