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We are excited to share how Arco Cyber is committed to guiding your company towards cyber success.

Our platform is uniquely crafted to lay a solid foundation for continuous improvement in your cybersecurity journey through the five points below:

Compliance Framework Mapping:

Arco Cyber aligns with ISO27001, NIST, NSCS CAF, CIS and CE+, offering collaborative framework responses, adjustable graphs, and peer benchmarking for a comprehensive industry overview.

Threat Identification:

Arco Cyber adopts an 'attacker eye view', mapping attack paths to controls, enlightening threat understanding, and prioritising investments for proactive defence.

Security Strategy:

Arco Cyber streamlines security roadmaps, focusing on impactful activities to reduce risk, save resources, and empower teams to protect business and data.

Continuous Controls Monitoring:

Arco Cyber keeps leaders informed, offering a platform for visualising security control effectiveness and facilitating data-driven decisions.

Stakeholder Communication:

Arco Cyber ensures stakeholder awareness, fostering transparency and coordinated responses, maintaining trust, and unifying cybersecurity approaches.

If you would like to understand further how Arco can help you with any of the above challenges, set up a call with our Sales Director - Julien.

Just click here to access his calendar and book a time that works for you. 😀




Team Arco
Post by Team Arco
Jan 31, 2024 10:52:15 AM