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As we dissect the findings of the 2024 Global Cybersecurity Outlook, a stark reality emerges: The cyber resilience gap is widening. While the cybersecurity economy outpaces global economic growth, smaller organisations and less developed regions grapple with rising cyber threats and dwindling defences. The disparity is not just a challenge; it's a call to action.


The Gap

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are twice as likely to report insufficient cyber resilience to meet critical operations. Conversely, larger organisations are surging ahead, with 22% more confidence in their cyber resilience. The result? A disappearing middle ground of cyber resilience, leaving the least capable organisations vulnerable and the ecosystem integrity at risk.

Why It Matters

The risk is not isolated, with 98% of organisations linked to a third party that has suffered a breach in the last two years. It's systemic. The disappearance of minimum viable cyber resilience threatens all, regardless of size or revenue.

Arco Cyber's Role

In this landscape, Arco Cyber stands as an equaliser. Our platform, Arco Complete, coupled with the insights from Arco Performance and Arco Compliance, delivers a data-led, continual assessment tailored to each organisation's unique threat profile.

Empowering SMEs

We democratise cyber resilience by providing SMEs access to sophisticated, automated cyber risk assessments, previously only attainable by their larger counterparts. Our model levels the playing field, translating complex data into actionable insights and strategic planning, regardless of an organisation's size or revenue.

Collaborative Security

Arco Cyber believes in a cyber ecosystem where every entity is fortified against threats. Our platform ensures that every link in your supply chain is assessed, informed, and resilient, no matter how small. We're not just a service but a partner in fostering a healthier cyber posture across the board.

A Call for Unity

The call for systemic solutions echoes loudly. With Arco Cyber, SMEs can confidently navigate their cyber journey backed by a platform that equips them with risk-appropriate, affordable cyber-resilience architectures. It's time we close the gap. It's time for cyber unity.

Join us in strengthening the cyber fabric that binds our digital world together.

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Matthew Helling
Post by Matthew Helling
Jan 23, 2024 3:52:49 PM