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As the cyber insurance market grows rapidly, projected to increase from £15 billion to £26 billion by 2026, businesses face a significant challenge to ensure that their cyber insurance policies provide adequate protection. Despite the market's growth, many cyber insurance policies do not fully pay out post-incident, leaving organisations vulnerable to significant uninsured losses. This is due to the discrepancy between policy terms and actual compliance, which is a primary culprit.

Arco Cyber has developed a platform that safeguards insurance policies by focusing on policy term compliance to address this critical gap. The platform uses real-time threat data with compliance tracking, continuous control monitoring, and performance KPIs to integrate risk profiling mechanisms, crafting a comprehensive solution for cyber insurance protection and continuous cyber resiliency improvements.

The Arco platform enables businesses to validate the effectiveness of their cyber defences, ensuring alignment with the stringent protection requirements that cyber insurance policies demand. In addition to securing policies, Arco Cyber is instrumental in fostering long-term cyber resilience. The platform aids in developing ongoing resilience programs tailored to the organisation's unique risk profile, fortifying defences against current and emerging cyber threats.

Arco Cyber's holistic approach translates into enhanced visibility for CISOs through a consolidated view of security data, predictive analytics for proactive threat identification, strategic resource allocation by CISOs and CFOs for cost-effective cybersecurity investment, simplified compliance reporting, and informed communication with board members. It ensures that organisations remain locked with their insurance coverage requirements, optimising the likelihood of total payout during a cyber incident.


  • Cyber Insurance Market Growth: The market is projected to increase from £15 billion to £26 billion by 2026, but actual payouts are challenged due to non-compliance with policy terms.
  • Arco Cyber's Solution: Developed a platform focusing on policy term compliance, integrating real-time threat data, compliance tracking, continuous control monitoring, and performance KPIs for risk profiling.
  • Ensuring Policy Protection: Validates the effectiveness of cyber defences to align with the stringent requirements of cyber insurance policies, aiming to secure full policy payouts.
  • Long-term Cyber Resilience: This helps develop resilience programs tailored to an organisation's risk profile, enhancing defences against evolving cyber threats.
  • Holistic Approach Benefits: Offers enhanced visibility for CISOs, predictive analytics for threat identification, strategic cybersecurity investment planning, simplified compliance reporting, and effective board communication.
  • Insurance Coverage Optimisation: Ensures alignment with insurance coverage requirements to optimise payout likelihood during cyber incidents.
Team Arco
Post by Team Arco
Mar 19, 2024 10:01:12 PM