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To make our service approachable and straightforward, let's outline it in three easy-to-understand stages, focusing on helping businesses get cyber insurance, protect themselves from online threats, and keep their cyber safety up to date.

Stage 1: Getting Your Cyber Insurance Sorted

This first step ensures your business meets the cyber safety rules to qualify for insurance. Here's what we do:

Keep It Simple:

We use the Arco platform to check if your business follows crucial online safety rules.

Outcome: Show insurance companies that you're doing an excellent job at keeping digital risks low.

Personal Safety Check-Up

We look at the specific online dangers your business might face and plan how to keep you safe.

Outcome: Show insurers you're serious about protecting your business.

Stage 2: Protecting Your Business from Online Threats

Once you've got your insurance, we focus on making your business even safer from cyber attacks:

Make a Plan Just for You

We devise a plan to protect your business from the online dangers it's most likely to face.

Outcome: Get covered by insurance and stop problems before they happen.

Quick Fixes for Weak Spots

We use Arco to find and fix online safety weaknesses quickly.

Outcome: Your business is always a step ahead of hackers.

Stage 3: Optimising Your Cyber Safety

The last step is all about making sure your business stays safe online over time:

Check How You Measure Up

We compare how your business stays safe online against others like it.

Outcome: See where we can make your cyber posture even better.

Smart Reports for Smart Decisions

We use clear visuals and detailed reports to help you make informed choices about keeping your business safe online in the long run.

Outcome: You're not just staying safe but always getting safer.

By breaking it down into these three stages, we ensure your business isn't just insured against online dangers but builds more robust defences over time. This way, insurance protects you financially and actively works to keep your business safe from cyber threats.

Damien Bidmead
Post by Damien Bidmead
Feb 21, 2024 9:42:39 AM