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Gaining an attacker's eye view can be a game-changer. This perspective can provide precious insights into potential attack paths, allowing you to take measures to prevent security breaches. One way to achieve this is by combining threat data, ineffective technology, and compliance data.

The Power of Combined Data

To begin with, combining threat data and compliance data can offer invaluable insights. Threat data gives us an understanding of the potential threats that could compromise our security. However, when we also take compliance data into account, we get a broader picture. Compliance data shows us whether we are meeting specific standards and regulations, which can significantly affect our vulnerability to threats.

The Role of Ineffective Technology

Incorporating ineffective technology into the equation brings another layer of understanding. Ineffective technology refers to the tools and systems that we are currently using that are not serving their purpose efficiently. These can be potential weak points that attackers can exploit; hence, it is crucial to identify them.

Arco: A Comprehensive Solution

Arco is a fantastic tool that can help us in this process. The free version of Arco provides compliance data, which is already a great start. However, upgrading to the paid version will deliver additional threat and ineffective technology information. This comprehensive data is instrumental in strengthening our security.

A Holistic Approach with Arco

Arco's strength is that it allows you to pay attention to the whole picture while also enabling you to zoom in on the gaps. It is easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with a multitude of data points. But Arco simplifies this by providing a holistic view of your security, allowing you to effortlessly identify and focus on the areas that need improvement.


Gaining an attacker's eye view of our security can be a powerful tool in our arsenal. By combining threat data, ineffective technology, and compliance data, we can identify potential attack paths before they are exploited. With tools like Arco at our disposal, we are better equipped to fortify our defences and ensure the security of our systems.

Team Arco
Post by Team Arco
May 8, 2024 10:39:34 AM